Jane Damude Empey, MSW, Psychotherapist

Looking for a therapist?
Confused about whether you need therapy, or where to start?

I have a suggestion:

Want to save time and money? I created an on-line self-help course that will:

  1. Help you decide if therapy is right for you now.
  2. Help your therapy move more quickly.
  3. Help you start your personal growth without therapy.

Why an on-line personal growth course?

Hello, my name is Jane Damude-Empey, I have been in the field of psychotherapy for over 40 years. During that time I discovered you donít have to spend hours on the couch to make real gains in your personal life--often seeing a therapist face-to-face can slow down the rate of growth and challenge.

Why? Because clients quickly come to appreciate the safety and comfort of the personal session, so are less likely apply themselves to the hard work of changing habits that are getting in the way of personal success and happiness.

Recent research has corroborated my findings--clients who completed an on-line personal growth course benefitted even more than those who had face-to-face therapy. Because of this observation I created a course that is cost efficient, effective and fun. The course is called Getting Strong: psychotherapy tools to improve your life. Does it work? So far I have had 100% positive feed back from those who completed the course, which frankly even I didnít expect.

Is the course a good choice for you? There are certain people who would do better with face-to-face therapy (or a combination of one to one therapy with a personal growth course can also be very powerful). Like anything, there are always exceptions: I would not recommend the course for anyone who is in crisis, or is experiencing debilitating symptoms such as clinical levels of depression, and/or anxiety; anyone who needs immediate help with a powerful addiction; suicidal or violent thoughts.

Can you still see me for therapy sessions? Because Getting Strong is working so well, I decided to close my practice to incoming clients and offer on-line course tutoring to those committed to personal growth. I have found this format works well with a variety of people, including people who do not have access to other forms of personal growth, such as ex-pats who live permanently in another country--or people who cannot afford therapy, or who cannot make time in their schedules to see someone in person.

Please e-mail me to see if the course is a good choice for you: admin@gettingstrong.net

You can buy the course at: www.GettingStrong.net

Over 40 Years of experience
working with a wide range of people and problems

Anxiety, Depression, relationship issues (divorce, breakups, loneliness, communication), recovery from addiction, workplace stressors, feeling stuck, burn out, grief and loss, major illness, childhood issues and many others.

Executives, doctors, nurses, lawyers, clergy, students, accountants, homemakers, artists, teachers, French Canadians, Spanish speakers, Portuguese, South Asians, Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Korean), gays and lesbians, and many moreÖ


GETTING STRONG: the e-course

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© 2010 Jane Damude-Empey

Thanks to Bill Empey for contributing to the photo gallery
and to Brian Damude for the photograph of Jane

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